Monday, 10 June 2013

you have GOT to be kidding me.

this is how i look at 5AM when the alarm goes off and mom and dad are getting out of bed.

i know right, pretty cute, but if you look closely that glean in my eye is one of disbelief! i'm VERY comfy right now, mom and dad, so if it's okay with you i'm going to sit this one out.

i'd like to go back to sleep after the RUDE interruption, but now they're putting on their running shoes and i can't help but think, walk?! no, no they're going out without me, this is awkward... you go ahead guys, like i said, sitting this one out if it's alright with you.

what feels like seconds later i find myself in a compromising position. mom and dad are looking over me with grins on their faces as i lay there exposed, and now embarrassed. 

red faced under my curls, i then proceed to sneak licks of their red faces while they sit on the rug contorting in strange positions that look far from comfortable. after i've achieved my salt quota for the day i'm about to saunter off back to back to bed, when out comes my leash and i say to myself, watch out world, i'm coming for ya, and i NEED to pee.

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