about tuck

the full name's Tucker and if you haven't guessed it yet, i'm a dog. a handsome mix of a bichon frise and poodle if you must know, and 5 and half years young. this means i'm as cute as a bichon and as bright as a poodle, and thanks to both breeds i have ADORABLE hunky locks. sure, they're slightly feminine, but that's never held me back, ifyouknowwhatimean.

i’m an expat from canada which means i’ve conquered an 8 hour flight like it was no ones business, and I’m SUPER international. these days i’m making my mark on the big smoke, quite literally - i’m peeing on every tree i pass!

hope you enjoy my daily musings on life from one foot off the ground. while I have a bad habit of being super sarcastic, i promise i’m also really cute and sweet, but don’t tell anyone!



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