Saturday, 8 June 2013

today i saw a bear.

pretty hard to miss really, it's not every day i spot bears in my park.

so naturally i just lose it on him. granted, he was a good 30 feet away, but you can't prove i wouldn't have done the same had he been in biting reach. i would have, i WOULD have.

then my favourite thing happened. these humans, who i don't even KNOW, made some really cute crack about how small i am, and how big the bear is. "you're better off letting this one go little buddy, he's a big one!" thanks for that, i hadn't noticed that the bear is pretty big. he just looked like a normal BEAR to me.

jokes on him though - that bear just sulked away cause he KNEW he'd been told.

 that's right bear, and don't come back!

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