Sunday, 9 June 2013

the thing about little humans...

is that they're shifty. and i just don't like humans of the shifty variety, okay? so sue me.

i mean, just LOOK at these two kids physically attacking that poor man. they just don't have any MANNERS. amiright?

so if we can all agree that they're dangerous, who was the genius who decided to make kid sized bicycles? when was the last time you saw a kid bike in a straight line? NEVER. you've never seen it. don't even get me STARTED on scooters.

i don't even blame the kids if i'm honest. i blame their moms and dads who give them the mini bicycles and the freedom to move about as they see fit. why can't more parents be like the ones who own this kid? he's contained, harmless, maybe even a little cute.

i know what you're thinking and no, no i'm not scared of kids. i mean they ARE terrifying, but i don't FEAR them, necessarily.

okay, maybe the ones on scooters. those ones i fear.

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